La Petite Ecole was created by Marie-Laure Arnaud, President of the Alliance Francaise of Charleston at the time, in January 2012, La Petite Ecole has for its mission to teach French language and culture to young children, from 3 to 10 years of age.

When it first started, the classes were given at the Charleston Library Society, in the children’s area. The one and only class welcomed 5 students from 3 to 5 years old. The school was so successful that the number of children increased rapidly over the following months. In April 2013, we opened a second class with enrollment increasing from 5 to 15 children. In accordance with the parent’s general request, we also organized a six-week summer session (one hour a week) based on the theme of Barbapapa. This program was a great success.

When Elodie Brittingham became the Directrice of La Petite Ecole in August 2016, she decided to expend the kids language center and created L’école des Petits Chefs and a Kid’s french immersion Summer Camp in 2018.