La Petite Ecole is conducted in French, but are open to children at every level of French language learning.

La Petite Ecole is a program made to enhance children’s natural ability to learn language by providing a structured routine that is both dynamic and interactive.

Kids from 3 to 10 years old will enjoy learning French through games, songs, storytelling, sensory experiences, and various other activities while interacting with the teachers and other playmates. Morning snack “à la française” provided. This class is for students only. Child must already be 3 years old prior to the first day of class to be eligible for registration. Register early as space is limited.

  • Class Curriculum: Focuses on verbal skills, fluency and memorization.
  • Circle time: Learn how to greet someone (Bonjour), express emotions and feelings (comment ca va?), tell your age and name (je m’appelle), calendar (days of the week, months of the year, seasons) and weather, polite expressions (merci, sil vous plait).
  • Activities: Each session is built around the season of the year and each month is around a specific theme. Therefore all activities are related to the season and theme to teach the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, sizes, etc. Themes include animals, fruits, vegetables, our body, our family, our house, clothing, transportation, etc. French celebrations are also included each month.
  • Story time, music and video: Children learn classic songs, watch french cartoons, learn poems and read stories all related to the season and theme.


Classes are held every Saturdays according to the school year schedule (subject to modifications)

Classes are Saturday morning, contact Elodie for classes and hours information.

Hour type:

15 – 20min: Welcoming time, reminders of the previous sessions, songs, rhymes, story reading
15 – 20min: Written trace, coloring, crafts, educational games
10min: snack “a la franchise” with music
10min: Mini video with interaction (avoid the passivity of the moment)


2019/2020 schedule


No School

Saturday August 17th
Saturday August 24th
Saturday August 31st
Saturday September 7th
Saturday September 14th
Saturday September 21st
Saturday September 28th
Saturday October 5th
Saturday October 12th
Saturday October 19th
Saturday October 26th
Saturday November 2nd
Saturday November 9th
Saturday November 16th
Saturday November 23rd
Saturday November 30th
Saturday December 7th
Saturday December 14th

Saturday morning classes’s schedule

9 to 10am

3 – 6 years old

French as a Foreign Language

6 – 10 years old

French as a Foreign Language

10:15 to 11:15am

3 – 6 years old


6 – 10 years old


Tuition: $250 for each semester of 15 hours.

Max 8 kids per classes.

Semester Tuition